What if you can’t write a book, or don’t want to?

Let’s face it, you’re busy and while the thought of writing a book is appealing, it’s also overwhelming.

Or maybe you’ve never been a great writer and the idea of writing a book yourself sends you right back to that panicky feeling of having to write essays for school. Totally understandable! And, even better news, you can have a book without needing to write a single word in it.

Ghostwriting your nonfiction book is a service I provide to clients who have an idea for a book but, for whatever reason, can’t get to the next step.

Think ghostwriting isn’t legit? Famous author Robert Ludlum, who wrote the Jason Bourne books, kept producing books 16 years after he died! No, he wasn’t chained to his desk in the afterlife, a ghostwriter stepped in and continued the series.

The Nancy Drew books were also taken over by ghostwriters. The Babysitters Club series were ghostwritten at a later point as well. Sometimes we know about ghostwritten works, but often we don’t.

When you have a book ghostwritten, the fact that you didn’t write it can be kept private. The ghostwriter, in this case me, doesn’t need their name anywhere on your book. You also get to keep all the rights to your book, intellectual property and all revenue from the book.

You can take all the credit for creating your book, and it’s totally legit.

What if you can't write a book, or don't want to? Ghostwriting is a great option!
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