What if nobody likes your book?

You can be the most amazing, most juicy peach in the world and there will be someone who doesn’t like peaches.

The fact is, some people won’t like your book. It’s the reality we face in general in business. Your business isn’t for everyone, is it, so why should your book be?

It’s important to put aside the worries about what other people think and treat your nonfiction book the same way you would treat any product or service in your business. The first thing you should start out with is a solid idea of who your book is for.

We can go back to the basic Ideal Client Avatar in this exercise, if need be, but knowing who your audience is is critical to creating a book the right people will respond to. Get really clear on this before doing anything else.

Then you want to establish what your book is going to accomplish – is it to educate, validate your expertise, kick-start a new revenue stream?

It’s possible for your book to do a few things, but deciding your intentions from the start informs what you write about and how you write it.

Focusing on the important bits will help negate the fear of your book getting rejected by everyone, or at least shove it to the backburner.

There are people out there who need to read your book. Maybe it will inspire them to overcome challenges. Maybe it will help them to decide to work with you.

Whatever you do, don’t let your inner voice derail your project.

What if nobody likes your book? Every writer goes through this fear, and while it feels legit, it's not
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