Want to have a book but don’t want to wait years to get it done?

You can have a published book in as little as three months!

While it’s true that writing a book can take years, it’s because the writer is starting from scratch and often has to battle feelings of imposter syndrome and fear. You’ve probably seen some of the memes online about writers avoiding writing, and it can be true for so many writers!

When you hire someone else to write your book, a ghostwriter, you’re eliminating a lot of the procrastination around writing. It’s far, far easier to write for someone else.

We start with a series of at least two recorded Zoom calls, about an hour each. These will form the basis for your book. We will also go over who your audience is, and what the book is going to do for your business.

Then I get to work with writing. These are intensely focused sessions where I set up milestones to reach so that the book is done and ready for review and editing.

While it may sound like the goal is speed, quality is not sacrificed in the process. Your book will be reviewed not only by you, but by another editor with fresh eyes who will help ensure the book is the best it can possibly be.

I’ve written a number of books, under my name and pen names, and I know how to go from idea to finished book fast so that you can position yourself as the authority you are.

Want to have a book but you don't want to wait years to get it done? You can have a published book in as little as 3 months
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Paula helps indie & business authors make beautiful, captivating books their readers will love.