Ready to have your book stand out with an eye-catching cover?

Your book isn’t boring, why should your cover be?

Think about the last time you went into a bookstore or corner store to get something to read. Which books did you pick up and why them?

Odds are, the cover had a lot to do with it. The reality is, we do judge books by their covers all the time.

I’ve just read a book that was written to help its readers but it was an awful experience. From the cover, which was a let-down, to the interior typesetting, which made it a pain to read, it was clear that the author didn’t care about their readers’ experiences at all.

Or maybe they didn’t understand how important the packaging is.

I only chose to read it because of the description, which is also important, but no one will read your description if they are repelled by the cover.

No matter what kind of book you create, you need to keep its design in mind. The experience your readers have with your book is just as important as the contents.

The cover helps your readers start building their expectations as to what’s inside your book. Is it serious? Is it funny? Those two things are wildly different and will have different cover styles.

Every detail matters from outside to inside when it comes to your book.

When you work with me, your book cover will stand out and demand to be examined more closely. Your readers will be able to sink into your ideas and words without pain of any kind and they will want to return to your book again and again.

Ready to have your book stand out with an eye-catching cover? I can help you with that!
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Paula Telizyn

Paula helps indie & business authors make beautiful, captivating books their readers will love.