So you're ready to market your book... but you want guidance on what steps to take to get your book sold?

Get the help you need to sell your book, generate leads, and create new revenue in your business!

Does the thought of creating a new revenue stream with your book fill you with excitement but you don’t know where to begin?

What if you could have an expert by your side to help you market your book as much as you need? Getting instant answers to your questions, helping you make the best choices for your book project.

Imagine how good it will feel to get your book out into the world and create the impact you desire!

Books can be an incredible source of revenue but you have to know how to leverage them

Hi, I'm Paula!

I help business owners publish books that create unmistakable authority and unlock next-level business growth.

As a book-publishing expert with decades of experience, I make it easy for you to finally publish that nonfiction book your business needs, but that you never got around to writing.

From idea & concept, through writing & proofing, all the way through design and publishing:

You get a comprehensive service that takes your book from ‘someday’ to ‘Published, send a copy to all my contacts!’


Designed for entrepreneurs and thought-leaders, this program will help you generate a marketing plan that best suits your book & industry

The get sold package includes:


Advice and consulting on how to market and sell your book so that it adds another revenue stream to your business

Why should you actively sell the book you’ve written about your business?

You can use it to leverage your expertise in your industry

You can use it to land new customers

You can use it to gain speaking opportunities

You can use it to create & sell a course

Imagine having people excited to read your book, and knowing you are the expert in your industry!

leverage your book

marketing package
$ 1500 per month, 1 month minimum
  • four 1-hour personal zoom calls
  • unlimited week day email access for 30 days
  • everything you need to market & sell your book
  • fees are in Canadian dollars

To begin, please book a free, no obligation meeting to discuss your project

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