You can turn your podcast, course, or blog into a book with less effort than you expected

Are you sitting on a goldmine of valuable content?

Get the help you need to take that content and turn it into a book!

If you have a blog, email newsletter, podcast or course, you may already have enough content to create a book you can sell

What if you could have an expert by your side to help you get started, sorting out your content into a viable book outline that you can actually use?

Imagine how good it will feel to have your name on a book, showcasing your expertise, and using it as a tool to land more business

Hi, I'm Paula

I help entrepreneurs like you, write & publish books that unlock next-level business growth.

I make it easy for you to finally hit publish on that nonfiction book you’ve been dreaming about writing but haven’t gotten around to yet.

Working with me, you get a comprehensive service that will bring your book to life. One that will wow your current, and future, clients.

Designed for coaches, course creators, and thought leaders who already have content to leverage, From Content to Chapters will take you from idea to outlined book in 2 hours!

From Content to Chapters includes:

2 hour Zoom call

We'll collaborate to map out the blueprint of your book, organizing your content into a cohesive and compelling structure

tailored guidance

Discover how your content seamlessly translates into chapters and sections, making the book-writing process efficient and straightforward

actionable outcome

Walk away with a clear outline, knowing precisely where each piece of your content fits within your book

Bonus: if you choose to use your outline to create your book with me, I’ll give you a credit for the price of this offer

How can a book help your business?

You can use it to leverage your expertise

You can use it to land new customers

You can use it to gain speaking opportunities

It’s a powerful reason to get your visibility up through PR

from content to chapters

2 hour book outline session
$ 500 Canadian Dollars
  • 2 hour recorded Zoom session
  • your custom book outline
  • plans for your next steps

Once you pay, I’ll send you a link to book your time


How do I book a session with Paula?

Once you pay, I’ll send you an email with a link to book in your hour long session. If none of the available times works for you, let me know and we’ll find a mutually agreeable day/time. 

I am in eastern time, aka Toronto time, but I am used to working with clients from around the world.

Why should I do this?

The fastest way to going from idea to book is getting organized. When we sit down to sort through your content, you’ll get up and running more quickly than you will on your own.

With my experience as a writer, I’ll help you choose the best focus for your book so that you can get it written fast.

What if I don't want to, or can't, write a book?

If writing a book isn’t for you, it’s ok! You can check out 21 Days to Your Finished Book and write your book without having to actually write anything. 

Don’t forget: if you choose to work with me on your book, I’ll give you a credit equal to the cost of this offer when you sign up.  That means you’ll save on 21 Days to Your Finished Book, or other custom ghostwriting project.

What do I need to bring to our session?

Bring the links to your content – blog posts, podcast episodes or course – and be prepared to sum them up for me. If you want to email them to me ahead of time, you can.

Do I own the copyright to my outline?

Absolutely! Anything we discuss about your book in our session is yours to use. This is why you get a copy of the recording to keep as a reference.

I'm neurodivergent, will you be able to work with me?

Absolutely. As a neuro-spicy person, who parents neuro-spicy kids, I know exactly how to wrangle attention and energy to get the most done. My sessions are judgement-free and I will work with you however you show up. 

I'm trans, gender-queer, 2SLGBTQIA+, will you work with me?

Everyone is welcome here. I provide judgement-free space for my clients so that they can show up as authentically as they want to.

I'm not in Canada, how do I pay you?

You pay me directly through Stripe. Stripe is a secure payment portal that works with Apple Pay, Google Pay, your debit and credit cards.

Your bank or credit card company will handle the conversion for you.

To get a sense of the amount in your own currency, the best to thing to do is Google it. 

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