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I'm just starting out as an artist, am I in the right place?

Almost… I’m the right person but you want to head on over to my other website to get the art biz info: https://betterthancheese.com/

My sales have stalled and I know I'm doing everything right! Can you help?

Absolutely! Sometimes what has been working, no longer does the trick. In a 1 hour coaching session, we can go through everything you’re doing to see what’s gone wrong, and make a new plan for you to move forward with.

Head on over to https://betterthancheese.com/ for help!

Who the heck are you and what's with the goats?

Why hello there! I’m Paula Telizyn, formerly Paula Mould, and I spent 5 years working as a professional artist, making my living selling my work both online and in person until I dislocated my elbow and was forced to take a break. I moved into mentoring artists around the world and have been doing it ever since. 

Now, with both arms as good as they’re going to get, I’ve jumped back into painting, as well as writing. I don’t know what’s with the goats but the darn things do show up frequently along with the partying penguins. Let’s not look too deep, ok?

I have other questions!

Feel free to reach out via my contact page and ask away!