Don’t have time to write your book?

If you’re an entrepreneur or a thought leader with a desire to have a book, but you’re so damn busy you don’t know how to fit writing one in, read on!

Ghostwriting is more common than you realise and a great solution for anyone who doesn’t have the time, or skills, to write their book. In fact, there are books you might have already read that were written by ghostwriters.

When you work with me, I do my best to ensure the part of the process than involves you is as painless as possible. We start with a series of recorded interviews on Zoom. Those will become the basis for your book and are not intended for public release. I expect, depending on your unique circumstances, to require at least two interviews of an hour each.

Once those are done, I do some research on your industry, write the first draft and send it to you for changes and approval.

The second draft gets done based on your feedback. You can read it or wait until it gets looked over by an editor.

You could have a finished book, ready to sell, in as little as three months with minimal work on your part.

Now, we all know that books take a lot longer to write, so why the three month turn around? The book will be based on our interviews. I’ll be going in with a clear idea of your intended audience and, what work you want the book to do for you.

Unlike writers who are writing for themselves, there will be no procrastination or questioning my value as a writer. No sense of imposter syndrome at play. I just sit down and work on your book each day until it’s done.

Don't have time to write your book? You don't need to be a writer, or have tons of free time to produce a book
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