About me

I’m Paula Telizyn and I’m a book publishing expert. I spent almost twenty years working with Canada’s biggest digital children’s book publishing company, creating everything from animated content to educational games, and helping grow the business from one person in an office to a thriving global business.

Reading and writing have been the core of my personality since I could pick up a book, and I spent much of my adult life working in e-learning and publishing, helping educational businesses support literacy in schools and libraries around the world.

I’m the author of several books, the host of the Better Than Cheese podcast, and I have taught marketing to visual artists since 2018.

I’m a graduate of Humber College’s Post Graduate Creative Writing Program, with a focus on nonfiction writing, a graduate of Humber College’s Post Graduate Creative Book Publishing Program, and am currently in the University of Gloucestershire’s Creative and Critical Writing Masters Degree Program.

Seeing your own name on a book is an amazing experience, and I love helping others have that experience. 

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