5 mistakes to avoid when writing your nonfiction book

If you’re new to writing books, and want to know what to watch out for, this article is for you.

I remember writing my first book years ago and struggling with the actual idea of having a book in my name. Before we even get into the list, I want to stress that if you’re here, reading this, then you clearly have a desire to write a book (or have a book ghostwritten for you). There’s no bar of worthiness that you’re required to leap over.

Let’s get into the list of mistakes to avoid when you’re writing your book.

  1. Letting ego get in the way. Yes, this book is your story, whether it’s about your journey as an entrepreneur or your area of expertise but you have to remember that everyone comes into nonfiction books thinking, “What’s in it for me?”. Focus on providing value to your reader, whether it’s through information or inspiration.
  2. Neglecting the narrative. Nonfiction doesn’t mean boring! Even in technical books, there’s a story to be told. With my help, you can structure your book so that it’s interesting, engaging and an enjoyable read.
  3. Trying to sound too smart. If your audience is new to you or your topic, you’ll want to avoid using jargon and technical terms that leave your readers confused. Before you begin to write one word, you should have a solid understanding of who you’re writing to so that your book becomes one that’s informative and enjoyable.
  4. Stuffing too much information into the story. No one wants to read a CV! Remember to keep your focus on the point of your book. Are you writing to inspire others because your path was challenging but resulted in success? We don’t need to know about your childhood dog, unless he is important to the immediate story.
  5. Not promoting the book effectively. Does it sound premature to put this in the writing section? Because it’s not. As soon as you have a timeline for your book, you should start promoting it. You want your customers and clients to be clambering to buy your book as soon as it’s released. Your book will not sell itself!

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