Want everyone in your market to know you're the authority in your field?

The right book will get you there, and I can help you get it out there

Hi, I'm Paula!

I help business owners publish books that create unmistakable authority and unlock next-level business growth.

As a book-publishing expert with decades of experience, I make it easy for you to finally publish that nonfiction book your business needs, but that you never got around to writing.

From idea & concept, through writing & proofing, all the way through design and publishing:

You get a comprehensive service that takes your book from ‘someday’ to ‘Published, send a copy to all my contacts!’




For business owners who want to write a book without actually having to write the book


Readability, pacing and narrative: a book that makes people go "I couldn't put it down"

Book Design

A book that looks as amazing as the content and IP you put into it

Cover Design

Eye-catching covers that stop people in their tracks and make them click


Advice and consulting on how to market and sell your book